Working Smarter . . . Not Harder!


Your event has come to an end and everything went smoothly! Your displays drew a lot of interest. Your products were well-received by those that saw your presentation and interacted with your Brand Ambassadors. You were able to generate a good number of leads. But, when you reach out to those leads you find that your lead data is riddled with false names, fake emails, and out of service telephone numbers.

It is a common problem for any company that collects data from prospects. Now you have to sort through hundreds of leads by hand just to figure out how many real leads you actually captured, wasting employee time and reducing the return on investment generated from the event. NewScope can help make data capture reliable and simple.

Our innovative data filtering software helps to categorize and filter information as it is entered, rather than sifting through the data manually when the event ends. Our software will eliminate false information being entered into your information capture forms and automatically send out emails that are custom-tailored to a lead’s interests as soon as they fill out your form. NewScope’s data capture software also includes built-in coupon integration and data segmentation, so your teams can focus on closing sales and not verifying lead data.