NewScope’s marketing software helps executives and marketing departments streamline their lead collection and outreach.
Unique experiences make lead generation simple. Our displays encourage targeted prospects to engage with your brand, and potential customers will always be more likely to provide their information when they feel they have been given something valuable in return. The unique experience that we provide helps to capture leads, but the real value of NewScope’s software becomes readily apparent after the event has ended.
One challenge that many marketing departments face is finding a way to quickly and reliably reach out to those that sampled their product and provided their information after the event. Your ability to follow up with leads, apply feedback, and analyze data is imperative to the success of your event marketing as a whole. Manually contacting everyone that visited your display is time consuming and ineffective. Our software makes executing outreach and tracking the ROI of your event marketing effortless.
NewScope’s marketing software is designed to allow you to capture data, adjust variables, and organize it in a way that is most beneficial to the way you do business. Our software is the perfect compliment to your customer relationship management software, allowing you to quickly capitalize on generated leads and improve the ROI of your event marketing.