Attract and engage with your ideal customer.
A brand ambassador isn’t just there to hand out your brochures and marketing materials. They are there to connect on a deeper level with your customers and build loyalty to your brand and products. NewScope’s brand ambassadors play an integral role in our event marketing strategy. Having the right brand ambassador at an important event can mean the difference between lackluster and shining results.
A brand ambassador is a dedicated engagement machine. Their job isn’t to just deliver information, it’s to deliver information in an exciting way that appeals to your target audience. You want a brand ambassador that makes a connection and helps to make every interaction with your brand a memorable experience.

In many ways, our brand ambassadors are the core of the experiential marketing approach offered at all of our events.

We hand choose the best brand ambassadors for your project. They’ll not only know your business and product inside and out, but your target customer as well. Knowing who your prospective customers are and what they care about most allows our brand ambassadors to custom-tailor every interaction to create a memorable moment for them during their time at the event.

Our brand ambassadors are trained to create a fun and engaging atmosphere that drives crowds of prospective customers to interact with your brand, then provide detailed feedback that allows us to custom-tailor your marketing efforts for future events and grow your ROI.